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Welcome to RFP Data Grid. This site serves as a portal for Business Owners and Executive Personnel seeking Business Contracts and/or comprehensive training solutions on state and federal opportunities.

RFP Data Grid also serves as a conduit for sourcing and procurement opportunities available in every business segment. Our optional monthly RFP subscription plan offers a strategic sourcing process in which we help primary stakeholders find state and/or federal contracts. Our RFP subscription plan provides visibility to sourcing and procurement activities in all regions.   

Most active contracting/bidding states

California RFPs/bids, Texas bids, Florida RFPs/bids, Massachusetts RFPs/bids, Georgia RFPs/bids, New Jersey RFPs/bids, North Carolina RFPs/bids, New York RFPs/bids.

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Type Of RFP Contracts Available 
Background Check RFPs
Behavioral Management Training RFPs
Catering RFPs
Education Training RFPs
Tree Removal and Replacement RFPs
Crisis Intervention Training  RFPs
Consulting RFPs
CPR/AED/First Aid Certification RFPs
Domestic Violence and Prevention RFPs
Landscaping/ Snow Removal RFPS
Industrial Supplies RFPs
Consumable Supplies RFPs
IT System RFPS
Janitorial RFPS
Onsite Training RFPs
Mental Health and Wellness RFPs 
Educational Leadership RFPs 
Temporary Staffing Solutions RFPs 
Tutoring RFPS
College Prep Program RFPs
Train or Trainer RFPs 
State Prevention Pilot RFPs 
School Crisis and Intervention Training RFPs
More RFPs Available by Trade

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