Question: What is RFP Data Grid, and how do you help business owners?

At RFP Data Grid, we help companies find State and Federal contracts within their business segment. Our team of Contract Specialists will find solicitations that match the products and services you offer within your service areas. Whatever products or services you provide, we will find a contract that aligns with your scope of work.


Question: How often will we get contracts?

When a contract is published, and it meets your Scope of Work, the assigned Contract Specialist will email the solicitation over to you the same day. State and Federal contracts are published often by various departments, commercial and federal entities. Your business profile will be assigned to a regional Contract Specialist that will search for contracts within the areas identified daily. If you have questions about any contract, you can contact our call center anytime by phone (800) 413-9047, live chat or email 24/7 to speak with a Contract Specialist.


Question: What if I need help with the contracts given? Can your company help?

Absolutely! At RFP Data Grid we onboard Subject Matter Experts that have experience in various industries. They are available to assist you with any questions you have about contract opportunities, the scope of work identified in a solicitation and they can walk you through the submission process. We can also assist our clients by drafting solicitation responses, pricing, scheduling Contract Consultation, and contract paperwork.

We also host Workshops each month in various cities and facilitate phone conferences to answer any questions you may have about Contracts.


Question: Can you explain the difference between the packages?

If you would like to start receiving Contracts within your Scope of Work and Service Areas please schedule a consultation with a contract specialist prior to purchasing a Subscription Package listed below. Click on the Subscription value that aligns with your service areas and complete the business profile form; once your subscription has processed, we will send contract opportunities to the assigned business manager. At any time you can cancel your subscription. We will prorate your subscription package based on the date of cancelation.



RFP Data Grid State and Federal Contract Subscriptions

RFP Monthly Subscription

RFP Business Advantage 3 Month Subscription Package 

RFP Semi-Annual 6 Month Subscription 

RFP Annual Subscription 


RFP Monthly Subscriptions

State and Federal Contracts Only


RFP Business Advantage Subscriptions

 State and Federal Contracts Only


RFP Semi- Annual Subscription

County, State and Federal Contract + 5 Hours of FREE Contract Consultation


RFP Annual Subscription

County, State and Federal Contracts + 10 Hours of FREE Contract Consultation



Questions: What’s the cancellation Policy?

At RFP Data Grid, our primary objective is to help your business grow by finding contract opportunities that align with your overall business objectives. We streamline the sourcing and procurement process so you can focus on what matters the most.

As a Business Partner our goal is to add value. That’s why we have a flexible cancellation process. You can cancel your subscription anytime. The subscription package you purchased will be prorated and a credit issued.

Send all subscription cancellation inquires to Subject Line: Cancel Subscription


Questions: What additional services do you provide?

We support our business partners by providing the support they need when drafting solicitation responses. Our support services include, but not limited to:

  • Contract Consultation

  • Drafting RFP Responses

  • Red Lining Commercial Properties for Exterior Services contracts including                                                               Snow removal /Landscaping/HVAC/Parking Lot Striping Services/ Retention Pond and more

  • Competitive Pricing Research Reports

  • Operation Budget Templates

  • Developing Content

  • Local and National Sub-Contractor Sourcing

  • And More


Can you see if there are contracts available in my industry now?

We will be happy to look for contract opportunities that align with your overall market sector. Before we start, please go to , fill out the Business Profile form, enter all the products and/or services you provide and select your preferred subscription package. Once your order has been processed, our team will search numerous databases to find contract opportunities within your service areas and scope.