Need help with your State and Federal contract opportunities? RFP Data Grid can help.  We understand the urgency behind submitting your solicitation response prior to the submission deadline. We offer the following services:

Red Line Property Surveys- We will survey each property identified in the RFP. Clients will receive a Red Line report (and excel workbook) that shows the square footage and aerial view of each property. This service is great for Snow Removal Contracts, Landscape Contracts, Cleaning Service Contracts and more. 

Need help writing your RFP response? Select the RFP Writing/Development Option. Our team of Contract Specialist will help you write your State and Federal contract and submit a draft for review prior to the deadline. 

Local Sub-Contractor Sourcing- If you are submitting a response to a project in another state, RFP Support Team can help you find local in-state contractors willing to partner with you. You can allocate a portion of the overall contract value to support local businesses. 

Hire Us! We Can Help. 

RFP Support 


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